Ependytis newspaper: Hip & Trésor invest in tourism despite crisis

Ependytis newspaper: Hip & Trésor invest in tourism despite crisis

March 1, 2018

Below you can read the whole article of Haris Ntigrintakis as published on the 12th of May 2013 at Ependitis newspaper.  

Hip Collection και Trésor Hotels & Resorts have been manifesting a highly dynamic penetration to the hotel market during the past two years. The relatively new firms have seen in the country’s crisis the perfect opportunity to extend their operations, by choosing to collaborate with hotels offering a high-end product. At the same time, they are scheduling the process of their professional approach abroad.

The Managing Director of both firms is MrPanagiotis Pantazopoulos,  who notes that Hip Collection has already proceeded to the leasing and management of 9 hotel units in Greece.

One of the lately added hotel-members to the collection is “Melo Grano” in the island of Astipalaia and that of “Lights of Mykonos” in the homonymous island, while at the eve of 2012 hotel “Micra Anglia” in the main Town of Andros island was leased and that of “Pliadon Gi” in Trikala of Korinth entered under the management of Hip Collection.

In addition, certain hotel-members in the collection’s portfolio are owned by the firm, such as “Ios Palace” which undoubtedly constitutes Hip Collection’s flagship.    

The President of Hip Collection also stresses that among the new operations of the firm, we will come across feasibility studies for already running units, as well as, new unit development planning and evaluation.

As far as Trésor Hotels & Resorts is concerned, it is highlighted that it was established in January 2012 and in such a short period of time it has already managed to list under its umbrella 25 Boutique hotels, in more than 15 destinations and aiming soon to reach this number to 40.

In essence Trésor - which also maintains the character of a loyalty club - is aiming at the creation of a collection of handpicked, independent Greek hotels of 4 and 5 stars in the top 40 summer and winter destinations across Greece and abroad.


Trésors revenue from its listed hotel-members derives mainlyfrom: a) overnight stays, b) annual fee per hotel room and c) percentage over total reservations. The President, Mr. Panos Pantazopoulos, also stresses that, “the company strongly believes in its competitive advantage, which pertains to the rich portrayal and projection of the actual destinations where the hotel-members are located in combination to the special features offered by the hotel-member itself”.

Mr. Pantazopoulos continues by adding that Trésor Hotels & Resorts envisions the running of a recognisable brand of independent 4* and 5* boutique hotels of up to 60 rooms, which will constitute top choices that one will select in order to experience authentic hospitality of high standards. Simultaneously, the selected hotel – members, must adopt an eco friendly policy and promote the inspiration that Greek nature withholds.

Another significant means of promoting Trésor is the T CLUB, which according to Mr. Panos Pantazopoulos constitutes the competitive and innovative loyalty scheme of Trésor Hotels & Resorts which rewards the clients of the hotel-members of the collection.

The Managing Director of Trésor continues by pinpointing the fact that: “Since the gastronomy of each destination has become an important feature of its culture, Trésor pays significant attention to the local delicacies as part of this complete portrait it creates. Another prerequisite is that all of our hotel-members present their guests with their own restaurant, which uses top quality ingredients and locally sourced products”.

Aiming at augmenting the firm’s clientele, Trésor, also cooperates with Aegean Airlines in the framework of a promotional scheme.

Last but not least, the Managing Director of the firm mentions that as far as the negative repercussions of the recession is concerned and as regards to the subsequent shrinkage of the internal tourism, Trésor Hotels & Resorts has not experienced a significant decrease in the volume of bookings, but, mainly a decrease in its total turnover”. He also adds, that the hotel-members have been manifesting an increase of 15% in reservations (in relation to last year’s numbers), but, nonetheless, he stresses that “one cannot be too quick in celebrating about it because this increase differs gravely from destination to destination”.